Lyrics to You Don't See Me Right
by Say Anything

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[edit]Song titleYou Don't See Me Right
[edit]Artist nameSay Anything
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You and me, we're meant to be but you don't see me right.
I didn't know you could get so low but, you made it so that night, two weeks ago.
Yo, tell me why I get so high when you happen by, my dear.
We're us, don't make a fuss, let's just combust, I think I trust you.

I want you, I've got this ball of twine.
I want you, I'm worth twenty-five cents, will you be mine?
I want you, brothers and sisters rejoice!
I want you, cause love is real!

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I didn't know you could get so low.
I didn't know you could get so low.

I want you, I've got this ball of wax.
I want you, I'm on defense so please attack.
I want you, brothers and sisters rejoice!
I want you, love is real!
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Lyrics to You Don't See Me Right
by Say Anything

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