Lyrics to Overnight
by Scarface & Do or Die & Rock Roc & Snypaz

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[edit]Song titleOvernight
[edit]Artist nameScarface
[edit]FeaturingDo or Die & Rock Roc & Snypaz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yo N.A.R.D
what's up Belo?
Hey man, niggaz tryin' to stir up shit between amongst us
and Chicago man, what you think about this shit?
Ah, between us and the Snypaz?
Man I'm talkin about us and every muh-fuckin body, man
Ah but you know we too tight up in Chicago
We got love worldwide baby don't stop, north, south, east and west
that's right, know what I'm saying, straight up comin to you
Snypaz and Do or Die, Rap-A-Lot mafia
From the Chi, here it go like this

Verse 1
I went from zip locks and bakin soda
To smokin herb, cookin yola
Never lookin overnight success
Cause I want a Rover
Hold yo head up and stick yo chest out
And if you heavy off in this game nigga get yo vest out
I hit the scence like po-po's
In a four door Chevrolet wit gats
With hats broke off to the left
To show you exactly where you at
I want the scratch that you done saved
Remember, bust a cap a lot
From the rooftop Snypaz snap a lot
Puttin down with Rap-A-Lot
You will die, can't fuck with us
So when you say it, you a lie
You will try and get shut down
From Texas all the way back to Chi

Ain't no success even if you cryin for it
Them niggas alive knowin, they dyin for it
Even them niggas that kill, get caught, and fried for it
I strive for it
that's why I'm sixteen years and a positive
Tryn to let go of my negative
Homie Only got one life to live
it's fucked up, only had one chance
And now I'm takin it
See niggas fakin it
If a nigga ain't real den his ass ain't makin it

Overnight, I had to do more than hold the mike
Had to control the fight
Had to make sure my dough was right
Had to make sure my boys was tight
Noise and lights, sparkin from the end of mine iz it gonna spook ya
Horror type of tactics, you bet the Snypaz definately knew ya
Stressed out, had me feelin left out
Stuck and I gotta get my self out
Bucked many as I can then crept out
Fuck all the ones who never helped out
Stepped out with grams and plans to be an overnight achiever
Since how we doin it hand bringin (??) n servin to non-believers, overnight

Chorus X 2:
You can do what you wanna do
Find more similar lyrics on it ain't gonna happen for you
Not overnight
Overnight, overnight, overnight
Overnight, overnight, overnight

Verse 2
Livin it up, this ain't no overnight shit
See a deala got a death wish
But Do or Die and Snypaz, represent Chi-Town
Took a life and get lit up quick
Rain niggas got me doin this
Used to be on some sell ass shit
Or mail that bitch back home in a box
And leave no trail of this
Not one witness this is
How's it's gonna fall
All of y'all gonna battle
Leave this life, all shells gon drop tonight
You say that you want a spot
Bet it ain't hittin like the shit from Rap-A-Lot
So pack that glock or AK stops your clock, my straps get hot
Even though it's hot it ain't hot enough to stop this entourage
Rain, Do or Die, pick a piece Snypaz, one big mob
That'll stop that heart
Bogard this industry from backyards to owin Lexus cars
So flex that shit cause down in Texas, everybody talks
Cause ain't gonna fall, overnight

I got an american dream of gettin out the ghetto
But The Nightmares
About the loved ones who said they love me, but they didn't care
Do ROB scare? With the fuckin niggas who groundin me
it's ROB from tha block, 45 glock cocked
Finna pop these niggas if they drop
I'm screamin war and war and more war
Killa for scrilla and more war, more war (more war)
I'm screamin war and war and more war
Killa for scrilla and more war, more war (more war)

A to the muthafuckin K
Runnin through the gangway bustin at the niggas back
Uh, Ooo wee, whoop a nigga, wit his, own gat
Oh snap, you in the business, dump'em in his heart
Point blank range, nigga I'm game do anything
puff a lil this puff a lil that, hangin out the window
Me and my comrades take a nigga out his shoes
Rule number one, don't get it confused
I'm talkin bout that one three, s-h-o-t
Nine millimeter kill 'em all for me
Make 'em freeze
Kill for my nigga that'll kill for me
Infrared, lights and bombs leave a bitch ass nigga disarmed
Stay alarmed, Vietnam, when I closed caskets
Pimp, lyrical tactics, shit look hectic
When I bomb I'm bad bitch
1997 niggas, and you can't do it overnight

Vocal breakdown
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Lyrics to Overnight
by Scarface & Do or Die & Rock Roc & Snypaz

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