Scarface - The Diary Lyrics
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[edit]Song titleThe Diary
[edit]Artist nameScarface
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Say, Face .. nigga, I think I can fade you now)
What, fade me how?
Shit, on this rap shit) shit
Come on, nigga.. nigga

I brought my chopper and an' my hard hat
The shit's fucked up now show a nigga where the war at
'Cause I'm about to clean house
Stick this a.k. AK up your ass and an' blow that fucker clean out

you niggas in the wrong
You came up short and an' now we fin to finna get it going goin' on
I ain't your average motherfucker
You step out of line and an' watch a motherfucker bust ya

you done came at me the wrong way
I ain't no Clint Eastwood, nigga, and nigga
you done picked the wrong day
So bring your ass to the battleground
Rat a tat tat, like that is how my gat'll soundenter added
Avoid no niggas cause 'cause niggas be human
I squeeze the trigger and an' niggas be moving movin'
'Cause I don't point it in the air and
pull the trigger (why?) trigger, why?
I'd rather point it at your yo' ass and an' watch the nigga dieenter added
I gives a fuck about your team mates
When it's all said and an' done you're
gonna wish you never seen 'face 'Face
You shoulda seen that lil nigga lil' nigga, Brad
James through here, seen Dave and, yo an' yo, that nigga bad

your homies better stand still
Don't make my brother Warren bust one ofenter deleted
you bitches cause
the man will
Don't bring your ass to my picnic
'Cause I done had it up to here with
all youenter deleted
niggas talking talkin' that bitch shitenter added
So you better get your shit right
I'm from the state where you rarely see a motherfucking
A motherfuckin'
fist fight
It's all about the gun blast
So you can miss me with that bullshit you
You spittin' with your punk assenter added
It's the diary 'The Diary' of a born killer
Don't have to worry about me falling fallin' off this thang
thang cause
'Cause I'm a strong nigga
Doubt my regard of the hard
With niggas behind me from East Oakland to the South Parkenter added
I've got the mind of the man right behind ya you
You can run, you can hide but I'll still find ya you
Like I say say, there's no getaway
An' I'm gon' have it where your
family'llenter deleted
have to throw your shit awayenter added
It's the return of the real niggas
I'm prejudiced to a certain extent but still I kill niggas
I'll bust that ass on the fucking fuckin' double
So push on with that ho ho' shit, bitch, cause bitch
you don't want troubleenter added
So get your ass up of my shoestrings
An' let your shermed nigga do things

Ay, ay, ay ay, where you fin to finna go, fool?
I can't fuck with it, you got it, man) man
Come on, man .. man, you wanna rap, nigga?
I can't do it) Come it, come onenter added
You see, you see! see
That's how motherfucker motherfuckers is, dogg dog
That's how motherfuckers be, punk ass hoes
You motherfuckers better quit fucking with me like this
That's really doe
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Lyrics versions21Show words ADDED in version 2 as green
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Scarface - The Diary Lyrics
changes from version 1 to 2

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