Lyrics to Mirthless Perspectives
by Scarve

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[edit]Song titleMirthless Perspectives
[edit]Artist nameScarve
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Now that the bleeding is even
The ineluctable settles inside
To remain inert forever
Somewhere something has died

Capture echoes of the end
In uncommon lucid moments
Strain our eyes staring
Where there's nothing to be seen

Mirthless perspectives
Perpetual imbalance
Kill-conceived instinct
Find more similar lyrics on spiritless battle
Doomed to be lost

Running fast and fearless
Hooked onto our empty shells
A profound sensorial burn-out
Switched off all remaining reason

Blinded numb with shock
Somewhere something has died
Simply heading towards the day
When our suffering will subside
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Lyrics to Mirthless Perspectives
by Scarve

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