Lyrics to The Perfect Disaster
by Scarve

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[edit]Song titleThe Perfect Disaster
[edit]Artist nameScarve
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Gliding sideways, a motionless contortion
Suddenly leaping towards me
A light in the distance prevails over reason
To grasp what remains but an instant

Life ploughed over with glorious laughter
So receptive to this perfect disaster
Whispered words burnt in my soul
Nothing more than I need to know

Infinite the laws of chaos
My existence is the token
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The barriers are bound to be broken

Perforate every inch of tissue
Plunging headfirst into the liquid
Inner darkness shining through
Absorbs the deepest of your being

Life ploughed over with glorious laughter
So receptive to this perfect disaster
Whispered words burnt in my soul
You're all I ever need to know
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Lyrics to The Perfect Disaster
by Scarve

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