Lyrics to Slaveship
by Scepter

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[edit]Song titleSlaveship
[edit]Artist nameScepter
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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From the wastes of Africa
Taken from your homes
Stolen by invaders and
Or sold out by your own

Clapped in irons prey to gunfire
Succumb to the attack
Once you set foot on that ship
There's no turning back

You are on a fucking slaveship now

Your graven gods cannot save you now
You must bow down to the most high
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Underneath a blistering white sky

What fate awaits among you no one knows
That's for your mater to decide
Breathing in the stench of
those who were alive
Only the unlucky ones survive

Cry for reparations paid
Will go unheard by me
I won't be bound by chains
Of your self-imposed slavery
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Lyrics to Slaveship
by Scepter

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