Lyrics to Fortress
by Scourge

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[edit]Song titleFortress
[edit]Artist nameScourge
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sentenced for life, pleas not heard
Guilty is the verdict you have earned
Thrown to lions, no way out
No one hears you scream and shout

Twisted souls in a morbid place
Four bloodied walls of disgrace
Pray to a god, your maker's met
Within a shelf, your life is kept

Fortress of death - there's no escape
Fortress of death - your life it will take
Fortress of death - a dead end you face
Fortress of death - you'll
never leave this place

Unholy terror screams echo around
In this pit no solace found
Chained to floor, starved of light
To stay alive you'll have to fight


Deeper and deeper I fall into this hole
I try to get up but I don't know
Maybe I do deserve all of this
Find more similar lyrics on I'm just coming to grips
Am I so innocent after all?
Do I simply obey their call?
No, I will defy!

I'm beaten down by my oppressors
Made to make false confessions
Made to bow down to their rule
But I see the light, I'm no fool
Biding my time, counting the days
Wait for the moment when the minions betray
Vengeance shall be mine

Solo- Dow/Cooper

What can you do? Is there no way?
Just try to live though the day
There is no justice, there is no hope
You're here forever, can you cope?


Fortress of death
Fortress of death
Fortress of death
Fortress of death
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Lyrics to Fortress
by Scourge

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