Lyrics to And you Belong to me
by Scream Club

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[edit]Song titleAnd you Belong to me
[edit]Artist nameScream Club
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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And you belong to me
And you belong, and you belong
And you belong to me

And you belong, and you belong (ok)

I wake in the morning, take off your britches
Dress you like a French maid and watch you do the dishes
Girl, you look delicious, let me snap some pictures
Better yet lemme grab the video camera
You are professional, so far from an amateur
You know what you're doin, you know what I like
And you know that talking dirty surely gets me excited

Like when I ask you who's my bitch,
Baby girl I gots to know who I am fuckin with
Like do you need it, do you deserve it
Then get on your knees and prove that you worth it
Work it girl, like you makin a livin
Gotta make me believe you can take what I.m givin
Cuz when push comes to shove I love the attention
And really tell me what.s wrong with that
I know how to bottom out

When I want it from the back
cuz I.m a switchhitter, a go getter
oh so sweet that you creeps get bitter
but I got a good thing that does me right
so if you wanna know what it's like
it.s like an overall tan or
money in my hand or the first time I
could finally do a head stand
It.s like an A plus after a long study
Didn.t know things could ever be this lovely

This must be why people go nuts
Ditch all their friends and then say so what
I.m just kidding but for real
No words could express how you make me feel inside
I wanted to hide at first,
I thought man, love only hurts I'm cursed
But you reversed this bad attitude and I'm not sad anymore
Not since been my lover, now I
only get nasty under the covers
There's no other, no reason, no desire,

This is not the Doors but you sure light my fire
Now I burn for you like a pyromaniac
We engaged in conversation
and your gaze became a trap
like a maze without a map or like days without a nap
I was tired with the dire need to find something inspiring
And there you were standing there like the answer to my prayers
And there you were standing there like the answer

I.m yours and you can do what you want with me, honestly
putty in your hands I am
shake me, take me, have me, hold me x2

If ever you ain.t on my mind then check my pulse
I like the way we communicate as adults
But wrestle like we was a couple of kids
When I pin you on the ground and tickle your ribs
And you slap my face and I'll slap your booty
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We can get dressed up and go out to the movies
And I can pretend to be the feminine one
Get all dolled up in stocking hoes with the run
Cuz the more whorinsh, it.s more fun
Getting slutted out to the maximum
And you can be the greaser with the heart of gold
Give me your jacket when the weather gets cold
Take me out to dinner in the middle of the night
Waitress wanna know, are you feeling alright?

Cuz you try to order, but barely able
Cuz you're feeling my handiwork underneath the table
Now you say baby, I'm in the mood
to test out your sexual aptitude no fantasy, now you a tutor
let.s put a little truth in the schoolhouse rumors
you older, probly wiser, but you can.t keep your
hands off my three ring binder,
following me to class to ask if I wanna go with
you to the homecoming dance (sure)
and telling me things like I stole your heart
even though we're three grades apart

You're always leaving notes inside my locker
So today after school I'm gonna break you out properly (uh-huh)
Just wait until three (for what)
And then you'll see

I.m yours and you can do what you want with me, honestly
putty in your hands I am
shake me, take me, have me, hold me x2

And now people could wonder who do we think we are if they knew

we stayed up late to talk about how great we are
As a couple we must be the perfect blend
Cuz we go together like multivitamins
Or oppresion to frustration, microwavable burritos
To gas stations, a homeless to will work for foodsigns
Or a lack of education to a welfare line or
Unprotected sex to STDs
I relate to you can you relate to me?
In this crazy world we got each other

But if nothing else you got yourself
But somebody like you are probably good for my health
My own personal private slice of heaven
Depend on me and I won't leave you guessin
No stressing, only minimal drama
One day soon I'll introduce you to momma and dad
So I can show you off as the only thing
that stands between me and lost
And all it cost was a nominal fee of due respect and honesty
Why would I ever wanna flee from this anomaly?

I wouldn't (uh-uh)

I'm yours and you can do what you want with me, honestly
putty in your hands I am
shake me, take me, have me, hold me x5
last 2 times with this in background:
And you belong to me

And you belong, and you belong x4
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Lyrics to And you Belong to me
by Scream Club

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