Lyrics to Poetry of Illusions
by Scythe (Germany)

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[edit]Song titlePoetry of Illusions
[edit]Artist nameScythe (Germany)
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I awake, and now I'm in my dream again
A world so close like it once used to be
I feel the first steps of my youth
Years ago this very day

Never wanted you to leave
Nothing seemed to be like you and me
And noone's frightening, noone's lying
Noone's here to yearn but you and me

Never wanted you to be like me
Never wanted you to see
what's worth in life to life for maybe
Something is between your world and me

And now you vanish in eternity again
Going apart in a moment of pain
You have disappeared that very day
A time for you and me and I was young
Anger, darkness, grief - eternal suffering
Anger, darkness, grief - for you just laughter
Poetry of illusions
Find more similar lyrics on we might meet someday again

Someday in my dreams
A tale of the sun and the moon

Falling asleep in a drunken world
Falling asleep to meet the unborn ocean
Poetry of illusions
A tale of the sun and the moon

Poetry of illusions
A tale of the sun and the moon
I'm playing with your memories now
You oughta stay untrue to yourself

I never wanted you to leave
Never ever wanted you to leave

In the end there's a way leading to an ocean
A world so close like it once used to be here
And I can feel the first steps of my youth
I can feel the first steps of my youth
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Lyrics to Poetry of Illusions
by Scythe (Germany)

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