Lyrics to Free
by Seal

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[edit]Song titleFree
[edit]Artist nameSeal
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Whispering in your ear
My magic potion for love
Telling you I'm sincere
And that there's nothing too good for us

'Cause I just got to be free, free, free
And I just go to be me, me, me

Teasing hands on your mind
Gives life such mystery
Happiness all the time
Oh, and how that just pleases me

But I just want to be free, free, free
And I just got to be me, me, me
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Feeling closer to me
Makes all my senses smile
Let's not waste ecstasy
'Cause I'm only here for a while

Want to be free, free, free
I wanna be me, me, me
I got to be free, free, free
Well, I just got to be me, me, me

I wanna be free and I got to be me
And I got to be free, free
And I got to be me, me, me, me, me
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Lyrics to Free
by Seal

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