Lyrics to Two Fine Lovers
by Sean Lennon

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[edit]Song titleTwo Fine Lovers
[edit]Artist nameSean Lennon
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When I first fell in love
Is when I felt your touch
But there's so much more I want to say
We need to keep it real
Sharing what we feel
Together we can face tomorrow

If we ever get up at seven
o'clock it's too soon
It's better to stay in bed
'till half past noon

Cause we're two fine lovers
So much to discover
Two fine lovers
Living under cover

When I look into your eyes
Find more similar lyrics on came to realize
That you were so much more
than my best friend
I'll be there 'till the end
I'm a one woman man
Cause baby you are all I'll ever need

If we ever get up at seven
o'clock it's too soon
It's better to stay in bed
'till half past noon

Cause we're two fine lovers
So much to discover
Two fine lovers
Living under cover
We're two fine lovers
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Lyrics to Two Fine Lovers
by Sean Lennon

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