Lyrics to Seductive Angel
by Secret Discovery

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[edit]Song titleSeductive Angel
[edit]Artist nameSecret Discovery
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I can see you behind the curtain
an I can smell you, it's unbelievable
you got to feel my view touching
You got to feel waht only angels can feel
Watching you move I've been leaving realtiy
starving for stuff form unusual phantasy
can I surrender myself to this sinful dream
and I yearn ...
Feeling the touch of your hands on my sweating skin
smelling your flesh everytime just when I breathe in
can I resist the bright shine of your fateful eyes
and I yearn ...
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I lose control, my sweet seductive girl (one)
Crumbling to dust in my hands, what's reality
glowing result of my undying phantasy
can I surrender myself to your cold embrace
and I yearn ...
Love me to death, drink my blood and tear up my skin
you can get all in your life that you want from me
can I resist the bewitching sound of your voice
so I yearn ...
I lose control, my sweet seductive angel
I lose control, my sweet seductive girl (one)
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Lyrics to Seductive Angel
by Secret Discovery

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