Lyrics to Runaway Train
by Secret Sphere

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[edit]Song titleRunaway Train
[edit]Artist nameSecret Sphere
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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music composed and arranged by
Buratto, Messina, Lonobile,
Cartasegna, Gianotti, Agate; words
by Messina, Buratto, Lonobile

Blind people, money, law,
Bastards slaves don't even know why...
Power and despair, mind money-polation

Desires guide our actions, do what is right,
So please don't give up, you got the right,
You are on stage to remind you
You got your life,
Live the dark into the night and
the light into your eyes

Find more similar lyrics on each moment, with every breathe,
never let the chance go,
that could be the last one
but don't lose the hope,
it's not too late to catch your train for life

Injustice, materiality,
Are not enough for my blood pollution,
You always hear them say:
"Elevate yourself"...fuck...

I see my way tonight,
Chasing the notes of an old melody,
I taste the shades of my sight,
I hear the call,
I'm still on the run
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Lyrics to Runaway Train
by Secret Sphere

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