Lyrics to Las Cadenas (English Translation)
by Selena

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[edit]Song titleLas Cadenas (English Translation)
[edit]Artist nameSelena
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The Chains


Now that you're not here, I feel free
I go where I go, and nobody stops me
I'm in control of my life, and I feel happier
And I'll never, never go back to you
Now that you're not here, I feel happy
Everything's over, and it doesn't hurt anymore
From today on, there will only be happiness
here in my soul
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Because I broke the chains of your love
And I'll never, ever go back
Because I broke the chains of your love
And I never want to see you again
Because I've forgotten those memories
of your love and your kisses
And I'm hoping for someone new
I don't feel anything for you anymore
There won't be any more tears here
You'll see, I will be happy without you
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Lyrics to Las Cadenas (English Translation)
by Selena

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