Lyrics to The Underworld
by Setherial

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[edit]Song titleThe Underworld
[edit]Artist nameSetherial
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Grace fallen wretched reptile, I am the nemesis
Sworn to sin and suffering, I am deception's kiss

How bleak the light appears
Inside these walls...

Defiling wicked serpent, I am the fallen one
Born of hate and loathing, I am damnation's son

How grim the night shall be
When demons stir...

Corruptive, unforgiving, destructor of the pure
Blasphemic, omni slaying, creator of the war
I am the one that standeth tall
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This night, I rise to claim my throne
All dies, as my disciples roam

This is the end of worlds!
This is the underworld!

This night, your world will be my world
No light shall shine forever more

This is the end of worlds!
This is the underworld!

Lyrics : Hellqvist, Music : Sjodin
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Lyrics to The Underworld
by Setherial

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