Lyrics to Walk with me
by Seven & the Sun

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[edit]Song titleWalk with me
[edit]Artist nameSeven & the Sun
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sitting on a park bench
Not a penny in our pockets
But thats al right now
Stumming on a guitar
All the girlies say we rock it
And I'm feeling high now
Working on a suntan
We don't even try to block it
And it's hot as hell but we don't care
'Cause we don't have to go nowhere
We're just chillen day by day

Walk along with me
Walk along with me
Won't you walk with me
Walk in harmony

Chilling in the sunshine
Hanging by Betheasda Fountain
Watch a puppet show
We're slowly get stoned
While the Hare Krishna dancing
And I satrt to zone
Until I hear a baby cry
Find more similar lyrics on up my daydream
Happnes all the time but that's all right
You know it's just a part of life
We got to take it day by day

I still believe I can fly I
get higher and higher
I will be free I will fly
higher and higher

Chilling out having fun
tripping on a good time
Hanging with the girls in the sunshine
Strumming on a guitar
acting like a rock star
Mamma always said her
baby's gonna go real far
Crazy vibe catch a ride
I wanna go around the world
and see the flipside
You and me can't you see
We're everything we need to be right now
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Lyrics to Walk with me
by Seven & the Sun

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