Lyrics to City of Lost Souls
by Seven Witches

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[edit]Song titleCity of Lost Souls
[edit]Artist nameSeven Witches
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Strange emptiness crawls slowly through my soul
I feel the ghost of this place past - the air grows cold
Now I've reached it, my lone destination
Why have these forces led me to this place for so long?

Walls of stone beckon me once more
The tears of tragedy, voices on the wind soar

It seems like a dream now this place of lost promise
What could have happened here so wrong - I need to know
A thousand souls cry out for retribution
How can I free them from the pain they've known for so long?

Please tell me what to do, please help me seek the truth
As I near the end of my quest, I need to
put their souls to rest...

Chosen it seems I am the one to know
Frozen in time and space this place below
Find more similar lyrics on sort of curse was visited upon this place
Destroying everyone and everything in its wake

The energy in the air is so great
For the sake of man it's too late
Now the end is finally at hand
The time has come to now make a stand

Mystery in this darkened place with no soul
History - rich in life and death unfolds
What kind of man or beast has taken all their lives
Now there is nothing left and no one that survives

Walking through the City Of Lost Souls
It's the place where tales once were told
Walking through the City Of Lost Souls
It's the place where blood once ran cold
The City Of Lost Souls!
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Lyrics to City of Lost Souls
by Seven Witches

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