Lyrics to Dead end Kids
by Sfa

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[edit]Song titleDead end Kids
[edit]Artist nameSfa
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We were the dead end kids, we never cared
We lived with one foot in the grave
The night were one long blur
We'd sooner die before conform
The future was one big joke
The scene was all we had
We separated ourselves from the outside world
There were too many things we didn't want to know
Oi! Oi! music for the dead end kids
We still have no regrets for the way we lived
Find more similar lyrics on had our golden days of "Live fast die young"
But now we're getting older and our day is done
We were the dead end kids without a hope or a home
We were the lost generation, now we're having kids of our own
We were the dead end kids going nowhere fast
Well now that we're nowhere we're trying to relive our past
It's too sad to look back on the lives we led
We can't go on pretending that our scene's not dead
We let it slip away without our knowing
We're the dead end kids, where the hell are we going
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Lyrics to Dead end Kids
by Sfa

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