Lyrics to Encrypted
by Shadow Gallery

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[edit]Song titleEncrypted
[edit]Artist nameShadow Gallery
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I was taken to a town well hid
Back room of a library rather well equipped
Guarding stands the Archer outside my door
And through the pain
It strikes me strange what life prepares you for
Day and night I'm crafting
Sleepless as I shape encrypted lines, night after night

Serum formula code and key
Separated "Room V" and "Tyranny"
Hidden from the watchmen in plain view
From underground the word of mouth
Can spread what we must do
Synchronized and time aligned
De-ciphered serum spills into the world

Find more similar lyrics on'd better worry better listen and take heed
There's a storm on the horizon
Clouds are black and deadly mean
Be on the watch so when the victims start to fall
You can harvest out a demon
When the plague begins we'll fight to win
Apply genetic sequence away

You'd better worry better listen and take heed
There's a storm on the horizon
Clouds are black and deadly mean
All you in labs in college all around the world
It won't be long until we're ready
And he took the disc and nod his head
And turned and walked away into the night
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Lyrics to Encrypted
by Shadow Gallery

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