Lyrics to She's my Ecstasy
by Shakra

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[edit]Song titleShe's my Ecstasy
[edit]Artist nameShakra
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I know what I'll do
next will bring me near
the end
But I've given up my rebellion
She is too sweet, too
nice, my blond
forbidden fruit
Is there somebody here to help?

I hear the voice calling me
And she's asking for more
Feels like nails in my brain
So I do it again

She's my ecstacy
Lying next to me
She's my ecstacy
She's no good for me

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the heart of my soul
They hit me where it hurts so much
I cannot see the way out
of this nightmare
Can I escape from this darkness?

And she's begging me loud
So loud I should shout
Is there no help for me?
Is there no way out?

She's my ecstacy
Lying next to me
She's my ecstacy
She's no good for me
She's my ecstacy
I will soon break free
She's my ecstacy
And I will pay the fee
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Lyrics to She's my Ecstasy
by Shakra

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