Lyrics to In the Night
by Shaman

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[edit]Song titleIn the Night
[edit]Artist nameShaman
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In the night, realm of dreams
Wildness creed, descending
All so quiet, all so still
Prowling in silence in the night

In the heighs, on the peaks
Rainy clouds surrounding
There are cities made of light
Ripping through the black of night

All becomes so real
Making dreams come true
To release your mind and free your soul

Fly away from this land
Made of old scraps of sorrow
No way back, free to ride
Hesitation, sacrifice

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Fur the heavens bend down
There's a tunnel, long and winding
Leading on towards the light

All become so real
Making dreams come true
To release your mind and free your soul

Free yourself from misery, let go
Hear my voice and I will guide your roaming

Guitar solo

Oh, free yourself from misery, let go
Hear my voice and I will light your road
Leave behind the world you know, and float
Hear my voice and I will guide your roaming
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Lyrics to In the Night
by Shaman

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