Lyrics to A Mexican Funeral in Paris
by Shane Macgowan & the Popes

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[edit]Song titleA Mexican Funeral in Paris
[edit]Artist nameShane Macgowan & the Popes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There was Zombi, there was Chino
There was Jimmy and Chiarakaparos
We agreed to split the stuff up
At a Mexican funeral in Paris

Don Alvaro, Jose Sanchez
Bathed in Holy water
Said a silent adios to his lovely daughters
To his sons and to the killers

A scar, tattoo, a blood line scorned
Revenge the only game

Father McGreer arrived with the gear
Had a chat and a bit of a smoke
He initiated me into
Find more similar lyrics on Church of the Holy Spook

He said, "Death will follow anywhere
Until it's found its plan"
Then he laughed and waved goodbye
And said, "Stay lucky while you can"

Machine gun fire split the silent
Softness of the day
Five wetback jerks in tuxes
Got fucking blown away

I thought I was Chiarakaparos
First time I've been
Maybe not the last
To a Mexican funeral in Paris
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Lyrics to A Mexican Funeral in Paris
by Shane Macgowan & the Popes

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