Lyrics to Bad Days Better
by Shane & Shane

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[edit]Song titleBad Days Better
[edit]Artist nameShane & Shane
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You have made my day
Even in stormy weather
I’m dancing in all the rain
Cause you make bad days…

Great is the way
When you come to mind
I am smiling ear to ear
Sweet thoughts of you
I’m always in the mood
To twirl around with you
While it’s raining
Even if it’s a dream

Find more similar lyrics on is the way
That I am unafraid
When I see you
All my fear goes away

Bad days are coming
Rainy days are always around
But if I can see you
One glance upon you
The sun comes out

I’m dancing in all the rain
Cause you make bad days better
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Lyrics to Bad Days Better
by Shane & Shane

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