Lyrics to Liberated Lady 1999
by Shel Silverstein

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[edit]Song titleLiberated Lady 1999
[edit]Artist nameShel Silverstein
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She's a liberated lady and she's looking out for herself
And she don't need your protection and she does not want your help
And if you're lookin' for some pretty little flower
You better go look somewhere else cause I warn you she's a liberated lady

She got off work at the foundry she was a feelin' kinda beat
On the bus she had to stand and let some fellah have her seat
And then she pinched the ass of a guy whopassed her walkin' down the street
When he called a cop she didn't quite understand
When she stopped off on the corner for her double shot of rye
When some guy lit her cigarette she punched him in the eye
And then he kicked her in the balls it was enough to make her cry
But she stood there and she took it like a man
(She's a liberated lady and she smokes them big cigars
You're gonna find her drinkin' boilermakers at the corner bar
And in thirty seconds flat she'll change a flat tire on your car
Find more similar lyrics on out she's a liberated lady)

She come home to find her darlin' husband cryin' in distress
She says why ain't supper ready and why is this house a mess
He said the kids have drove me crazy and I need a brand new dress
And how come you don't ever take me dancin'
She sat down to smoke her pipe and she thought back to the time
When she was satin silk and lace with nothin' on her mind
But now she's gotta mow the lawn and gotta pay the bills on time
And pray to Mrs God she don't get drafted
Oh she got into bed that evenin' and she strapped her dildo on
Climb on top of him and said okay let's get it on
He said you know I've got my period and my headache isn't gone
And he fell asleep the chauvinistic bastard oh
(She's a liberated lady...
I say look out she's a liberated lady
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Lyrics to Liberated Lady 1999
by Shel Silverstein

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