Lyrics to Gonna be Better
by Shelby Lynne

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[edit]Song titleGonna be Better
[edit]Artist nameShelby Lynne
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Been chasing my tail for years
Flying by running from terror and fear
Time to think clearly for the place I've been holding out for

My feet are getting wetter
It's gotta be better over there

My radio is broken and the static is the sound
Confounded by the uselessness, not knowing where I'm bound

My feet are getting wetter
It's gotta be better over there

Aww did you ever think you'd ever walk on hallow ground
Don't you like to think that things are lost and never found
Discover all the secrets and heard out for the sound
Did you hear the voice that makes your fever
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Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta...

I think this plane is leaving for the side of earth unknown
I know I'm only wearing what my body only knows

My feet are getting wetter
It's gotta be better over there

I'm ripping off the knob cause I found it and it's good
I should have taken chances when my chances were so good

My feet are getting wetter
It's gotta be better over there
My feet are getting wetter
It's gotta be better over there
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Lyrics to Gonna be Better
by Shelby Lynne

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