Lyrics to Broken Dreams
by Shelly Streeter

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[edit]Song titleBroken Dreams
[edit]Artist nameShelly Streeter
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The sun is slowly sinking in the evening sky
This dusty town is closing for the night
There used to by so many things that held me here
Broken dreams, won't break me
Darlin I will go on
You heard the grass was greener on the other side
Well, I guess you had to find out for yourself
No one could tell you baby what I'm sure your found
Broken dreams, won't break me
Darlin I will go on
My daddy said that you were just a dreamer
Find more similar lyrics on mama said you'd leave me someday
The dusty streets of this town can't hold me now
Broken dreams, won't break me
Darlin I will go on
I'm leaving far behind the way it used to be
There's a new life waiting somewhere just for me
The dusty streets of this town can't hold me now
Broken dreams, won't break me
Darlin I will go on
Broken dreams, won't break me
Darlin I will go on
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Lyrics to Broken Dreams
by Shelly Streeter

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