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Surrender by Shola Ama

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[edit]Song titleSurrender
[edit]Artist nameShola Ama
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Surrender your love
I know that if I take you home
You'll surrender your love baby
Surrender your love
Won't be the last time that I take you home
Cause you can't get enough baby
So surrender your love

In my eyes, it's you and me
You're the only man I need
Say you'll be there for me for all eternity
Boy, you can't resist my love
Cause you can't get enough - gotta be what I want

Dreaming of you and me
You're my all and everything
Just when I thought I'd be so close
I'd never see - came along and captured me
Baby, I just can't believe what it is you do to me

You go my way
Gotta have you in my life, boy every day
I need you to stay
And I know for sure that you'd feel the same

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I know that if I take you home
Baby, I can make you moan
Cause you never had no one
Who can really turn you on
Why you gotta wait so long
Just to find where we belong
Now we wanna be alone

Dreaming of you and me
You're my all and everything
Just when I thought I'd be
So close and never see
Came along and captured me
Baby, I just can't believe
What it is you do to me


Dreaming of you and me
The only man for me
You know I can't wait to get you home
Baby, I never want to let you go away

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Version 1 (oldest) of Lyrics to
Surrender by Shola Ama

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