Lyrics to Wintertime
by Sieges Even

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[edit]Song titleWintertime
[edit]Artist nameSieges Even
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Only a few words
But they're just for you
Hope they'll make you see
Since I've shut the door
I'm even more
More with you
Only a few thoughts
But they're just for you
Just to let you know
When I took the train
I felt I had to explain
But I wasn't able to speak
I always thought I was immune
And when our love went out of tune
I did not believe it could be so hard
Just for you
A few words which make you see
I realized that you've gone
I realized what I've done
Old father told me soon:
"Never let her be too close"
I laughed and loved my rose
As I said I thought I was immune
It's not I'm crying
About lost years - full
of joy and tears
It's not I'm trying
To hold back what I left
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living is not easy
Time after time
I recognize you're no longer mine
Only a few notes
But they're just for you
Written by a fool
Who can't understand
Why he let go your hand
I feel things become true
Which I said to me and
you in a thousand lies
Maybe old dad was right
Maybe he was wrong;
It's the same I've to be strong
Since I went out of sight
It isn't a delight
No - it's more a fight
It's not I'm crying
About lost years - full
of joy and tears
It's not I'm trying To
hold back what I left
Wintertime - and the
living is not easy
Time after time
I recognize you're no longer mine
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Lyrics to Wintertime
by Sieges Even

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