Lyrics to Wasteland
by Simple Minds

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[edit]Song titleWasteland
[edit]Artist nameSimple Minds
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Can you see us now we're on our own
And every chance has just
come and just gone
Now it looks so dark and so cold
Think of the minds we sold
We'd better speak now
We'd better speak now
We'd better speak now
We'd better speak now
I can remember things
that looked so bright
And I could talk to you
without all this spite
Can you picture all that's past
Does your face deform so fast
We'd better speak now
We'd better speak now
We'd better speak now
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`Cause when I stop and
look into your head
I think of all the things that you said
When I look up into your eyes
I see the creature that I despise
Kill now
Kill now
Kill now
Kill now
Can you see us now we're on our own
And every chance has just come and gone
I've been wrong but you've been unkind
There's so much more that I can't find
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Lyrics to Wasteland
by Simple Minds

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