Lyrics to Hawaiian Island World
by Sinead O'connor

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[edit]Song titleHawaiian Island World
[edit]Artist nameSinead O'connor
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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a song Sinead did together with
World Party on their album
"Private Revolution"
I heard about the trouble they had
down on the farm
they say they lost all the white horses
and half of the corn
the woman of the house
she came screaming into town
we said sister why go crying
when you can watch it all burn down
and sit here dreaming
of our hawaiian island world?

the preacher said his church has been empty
two sundays in a row
I said no father please forgive them
for they do not what they know
been called on by the devil
your man from down below
and traded in their free-will
for a part in Satan's show
and they don't hear the screaming
Find more similar lyrics on a dying virgin girl
they just sit there wanting
their hawaiian island world

the shopkeeper from Illinois came round
a freshly fired gun in his hand
he said he'd just shot a young poet
for writing something he didn't understand
gone were the lines that he loved to forget
safe were the folk words of
truth would upset
with God right behind him
his gun by his side
there was nowhere for these weirdos
to run or to hide
the day of their judgement
it was due to arrive
get them on the record
make sure they don't survive
and we can all sit watching
our hawaiian island world
don't wake me 'cos I'm dreaming
of my hawaiian island world
I just made love to my hawaiian island girl
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Lyrics to Hawaiian Island World
by Sinead O'connor

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