Lyrics to Lullaby for Cain
by Sinead O'connor

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[edit]Song titleLullaby for Cain
[edit]Artist nameSinead O'connor
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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From the silence, from the night
comes a distant lullaby.
Cry--remember that first cry,
Your brother standing by.
And lot of loved-- beloved sons of mine.
Sing a lullaby; mother is close by.
Innocent date-- such innocent eyes!--
Envy stole your brothers life.
Came home murdered piece of mind.
Left you nightmares on the pillow.
Sleep now...
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Soul-- surrendering your soul.
The heart you not whole.
For love, but love walked on.
Cast into the dark.
Branded with the mark--
of shame; of Cain.
From a garden of God's light,
to a wilderness of night.
Sleep now; sleep now...
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Lyrics to Lullaby for Cain
by Sinead O'connor

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