Lyrics to The sin Trade
by Sinergy

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[edit]Song titleThe sin Trade
[edit]Artist nameSinergy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Entering into a world darkness
I hesistate even though there is no other way
To bring you back to me

Even in death you have never left me
The sacrifice of another sends me soaring
Into the afterworld

In search for you I encounter Cyane
I go astray to make ammends for slaughtering
The young and innocent

They've closed the gates of eternity
And sent the enslaved souls
to wander helplessly
Into the nothingness

An evil force lies waiting there
As Alti casts her spell and closes in
Bonded by death to defeat her
We leave the prison of our bodies
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The shamaness chanting furiously
She does the dance of spirits and commands them
To possess the lifeless ones

Begin the clash between good and evil
We'll overcome and the last thing
you will hear me say is...
"I have many skills"

An evil force lies waiting there
As Alti casts her spell and closes in
Bonded by death to defeat her
We leave the prison of our bodies
Have our souls unite as one and...

Strike the demons
Make them pay
Drain her power
The sin trade
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Lyrics to The sin Trade
by Sinergy

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