Lyrics to Kill Your Idols
by Sinn

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[edit]Song titleKill Your Idols
[edit]Artist nameSinn
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We don’ t need no kings

Cross the line of your ordinary
Bleed your ignorance
And tear your certitudes
Living blind in the
light of illusion
Can’ t you guess the
color of the lie

Kill your idols
Violence is the way to use
Kill your idols
Don’ t need no kings

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creeping on the traces
of the old
The wheel of time is rolling fast
Time brings the end
The flame of the forgotten ones
Is burning in your mind
Can’ t you hear them ?


Kill your idols
Violence is the way to use
Kill your idols
Don’ t need no kings
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Lyrics to Kill Your Idols
by Sinn

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