Lyrics to Tomorrow Doesn't Matter
by Sinner

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[edit]Song titleTomorrow Doesn't Matter
[edit]Artist nameSinner
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sinner, Ulmer / Jackson

The party's over - I'm driving you home
Two wild lovers out on their own
Stop on the roadside - turn off the lights
Lay back slowly as I gaze in your eyes

We hear our song playing on the radio
The words and the melody
Say it all - lying in the freezing cold
On the backstreet of a dream

Tomorrow doesn't matter tonight
'Cos you're by my side
Tomorrow doesn't matter tonight
Find more similar lyrics on's live for today
Tomorrow doesn't matter tonight

To hell with tomorrow, who cares anyway
Why waste our chances let's live for today
We're caught in the middle of heaven and hell
Tonight we're in heaven and tomorrow
Only time will tell

Tomorrow doesn't matter tonight
'Cos you're by my side
Tomorrow doesn't matter tonight
Let's live for today
Tomorrow doesn't matter tonight
We're gonna rock the night away
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Lyrics to Tomorrow Doesn't Matter
by Sinner

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