Lyrics to Just Remember
by Sister Hazel

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[edit]Song titleJust Remember
[edit]Artist nameSister Hazel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A crooked chimney standing in
the middle of a field
Once surrounded by the walls of work
By laughter and by love
The sound of children playing
And the sound of people saying
I love you--yeah you
A crooked tree stands naked near
the center of the field
Barely rooted in the browns and greys
Of earth that once was green
A place long since forgotten
In a world of yesterday
Except by me--yeah me
And Oh--whose plan was this anyway
And I never thought He would
want it to be that way
It once was beautiful--Right Here
It still is beautiful--In Here
You once were beautiful--I hear
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Just remember
A twisted little image in your
perfect little world
Of the chapter where itd all begun
About a song already sung
Burnt around the edges
Nearly faded--nearly gone
Even you--yeah you
A shiny building standing in
the center of today
Where indifferent people go to work
Go about their pay
Knowing they've forgotten
In a most convenient way
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Lyrics to Just Remember
by Sister Hazel

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