Lyrics to Differently
by Sister2sister

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[edit]Song titleDifferently
[edit]Artist nameSister2sister
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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we see it differently
it's what I love about you and me
if we disagree it's
alright... alright
here's my point of view
we see life so differently
nobody sees it quite the same
we try to live as one
but sometimes we stand alone
we speak our minds and that's okay
it's true, it's the little things
where we go 'round and 'round
so what if we do
we'll always be together
we see it differently
and it's alright
if we disagree
Find more similar lyrics on've got our own personality
day and night
a hundred and eighty degrees
we see it differently
it's what I love
about you and me
if we disagree
it's alright...
ain't nothin; new
guess we'll have to work it out
wanna see it through your eyes
so take a step back
why get stuck on where we are
I'm gonna keep an open mind
I know, it's the little things
that get us down
we'll turn it around, it's alright
we'll work it out together
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Lyrics to Differently
by Sister2sister

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