Lyrics to Friend of Mine
by Sister2sister

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[edit]Song titleFriend of Mine
[edit]Artist nameSister2sister
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm a lucky girl, got someone in this world
to tell my deepest secrets to
fortunately I've got someone in my life
and that someone is you
I like the way you listen to me
when I talk about things that matter
I like the way you always stand up for me
when I'm not around
the way we help each other
through the crazy ups and downs that happen
a thing like this don't come along everyday
and I just wanna say...
call on me anytime, call on me rain or shine
your a friend of mine
whether it's day or night,
whether you're wrong or right
you are a friend of mine
I'm so proud to be the one you feel you need
'cause you know we're in this together
we just got a way, we know the things to say
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I like the way you bring me in line
when I'm doing something stupid
I like the way you tell it just like it is
and you don't hold back
the way you're always there when I need you
to run and rescue me
someone like you don't come along everyday
and I just wanna say...
call on me anytime....
and when we're walkin' in the mall
and we're shppin' for some clothes
talkin' 'about the guys we know, over cola and fries
and the minute I get home, gotta
call you on the phone
'cause another crazy thought just came into my ind
gotta teel you right away, got a new CD to play
so just come along my wayand don't waste any time
got some piece of mind knowing
that you're the kind of person
who'll never do me wrong and we get along
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Lyrics to Friend of Mine
by Sister2sister

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