Lyrics to Cradle of Sorrow
by Six Magics

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[edit]Song titleCradle of Sorrow
[edit]Artist nameSix Magics
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music: E. Avila

The loneliness trapped into the time
Breaks quietly through the cold woods
The shining stars
Give their light to the silent meadow
That come out from the trees
Reaching their lonely house

Old walls are protecting four souls
The young couple celebrates the wedding
The bride's mother drink with them
In the upper floor sweet dreams
Cover her little child
Their hearts enjoy peace and quiet

From far beyond a shadow is coming
Spreading bitter disgrace

Bitter disgrace, suffering
Don't be afraid of crying
Hoppiness is not long
Maybe tears can help
Fate is insecure

Unknown things are coming
The moon guides sinister beings
From the sky the damned bird
Announces their arrival
Find more similar lyrics on spirits surround the house
Those walls are not enough
To protect the four souls
Their happiness will be over
their lives are destined

Terrifying noises
Fear, fright, terror, no mercy
They have com for him
His innocence will be stolen
Oh! sadness will come
The dark steps have just come
With fury the upper floor is trembling

Prophet wings arrived home
Chosen lineage by the damned bird
The curse is here
Chosen lineage by the damned bird
The old curse is here

Empty cradle, sing of the curse
The sweet fragile dreams have gone out
Empty cradle, sing of the curse
Hand's of darkness embraced the child
Empty cradle, sing of the curse
The sweet fragile dreams have gone out
No more childhood in the old place
He's the new wizard's guest

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Lyrics to Cradle of Sorrow
by Six Magics

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