Lyrics to Long as That's True
by Skin

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[edit]Song titleLong as That's True
[edit]Artist nameSkin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Tell me this fight
Was just a cause
That we will die
With these flaws
I know it's meaningless
But that is what I have to face

As long as that's true
I can get over you

Tell me you used me to climb
Above us poor souls
(standing) in line
For me a lot of pain
Is what I need to pull me through

Wanna feel this hatred
It's what I need to
Find more similar lyrics on me through this
I survive through nothing less
It tears me up as you calmly use it
Love abuse is just a test
Then sad old love songs
Stick the knife in deeper everyday
Twisting as you play

Tell me your reasons
Weren't pure
So I can kill
This wretched lust for you
Some damage done
Is what I need to go alone

As long as that's true
I can get over you
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Lyrics to Long as That's True
by Skin

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