Lyrics to Our Pride is our Loyalty
by Skrewdriver

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[edit]Song titleOur Pride is our Loyalty
[edit]Artist nameSkrewdriver
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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This is our land, the European man
So where are you, a land so fair and true

I guess we didn't know
Who was up there running the show
But I can tell you it ain't you or me

A weak land, is an also ran
Yeah we must be strong, and
have a common bond

(Repeat Chorus)

Our pride is our loyalty
Our pride is our loyalty
Find more similar lyrics on pride is our loyalty to our land

For the blood and soil, of
the lands they toiled
And kept the banners high, and
fought the alien lies

(Repeat Chorus)

Our pride is our loyalty
Our pride is our loyalty
Our pride is our loyalty to our land

Our pride is our loyalty
Our pride is our loyalty
Our pride is our loyalty to our land
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Lyrics to Our Pride is our Loyalty
by Skrewdriver

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