Lyrics to The Final Battle
by Skymning

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[edit]Song titleThe Final Battle
[edit]Artist nameSkymning
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A time when darkness becomes all
When daylight is forgotten forever, ever

Into the ruins I walk
The snow is blood filled
from battles before

He stares into my eyes
He knows we are the last ones left
The battle must go on
Until one of us dies

The last battle has begun
The knight draws his sword and
comes close, attacks
Icy winds blow strong
Find more similar lyrics on the ruins I fight my final battle

He stared into my eyes
He knows we are the last ones left
The battle must go on
Until one of us dies

He stares into my eyes
My sword falls into the snow
His blade is covered with my blood
As he pulls it out of my body

I fall down on my knees
My life is slipping away
The knight turns around
Walking away from the final battle
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Lyrics to The Final Battle
by Skymning

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