Lyrics to Desolation
by Skythrone

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[edit]Song titleDesolation
[edit]Artist nameSkythrone
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Return to the Forest
Where dream and sorrow
Remember the name.
Of forgotten God
(dark slavonic God)
Call every word
Nobodu's hear
Desolation... Desolation...
Come to the land
Where Devil's tree stand
Drink Magic water
Of Dark thoughts and wishes
Desolation... Desolation...
Desolation... Desolation...
Power of darkness
Tears of Godless
Kingdom of the death
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His hand is here
(Master is here!)
Night, never wind
Silence there...
Nobody knows
When you'll return
Darkness like a stone
Sleeping Moon light
Covers your head
Southern old wind
When you will come
Sun will be cold
Always your heart
Burn like a flame
Desolation... Desolation...
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Lyrics to Desolation
by Skythrone

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