Lyrics to Atlas
by Skywind

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[edit]Song titleAtlas
[edit]Artist nameSkywind
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She Walked With Me Into The Winter
Afraid To See What Lies So Far Ahead
Giving In To Our Insanity
While Reaching Out To Taste Humility

I Realized There's A Weight Upon My Shoulders
How Can I Carry The World

Back And Forth We Stepped Into The Outside
Looking For That Same Old Common Ground
Holding Out Was Never In Our Nature
So In The End A Word Could Bring Us Down

Find more similar lyrics on Searched Inside But I Could Still Not See The Answer
Leaving A Void Meant To Be Filled
I Realized There's A Weight Upon My Shoulders
How Can I Carry The World

You Are That Breath For Me
Through These Eyes You'd See
Just Open Your Mind
Open The Door Where All Could Come To Be
You Can't Hide Your Face When
You're Lost In A Place
Where You'd Be Found To Be Gone
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Lyrics to Atlas
by Skywind

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