Lyrics to Transmission
by Slapshot

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[edit]Song titleTransmission
[edit]Artist nameSlapshot
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Transmission - Suspicion who's got it find out no doubt
Transmission - Eradication, search and destroy

We've got to wipe out

Transmission - One million infected no more
Transmission - Precaution be careful or
you get what's coming to you


Don't throw away the life you've built
Don't be another name left on the quilt
You keep it up and you'll end up dead
You've got a loaded gun at your head
You use the needle that the others use
Just pull the trigger and find out you lose
So now you're waiting for the end to come
Don't look back now, cause what's done is

Transmission - Incubation - Seven
Find more similar lyrics on later, good bye world
Transmission - Retribution God punish
you - Well that's bullshit

Transmission - Redication keeps em alive to infect more
Transmission - Replication again and again
and again and again and again


Now you come down with a positive test
You know you're dead but you'll do your best
Keep your hopes up that's what you told
You live in fear of the common cold
You never told you family
Obituary says H.I.V.
You'll never know what you've put them through
You've got to end the things you do

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Lyrics to Transmission
by Slapshot

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