Lyrics to Bitter Peace
by Slayer

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[edit]Song titleBitter Peace
[edit]Artist nameSlayer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Initiate blood purge
Coalition in massacre
Mechanized high tech
Whole sale death in effect

Mutually assured
Destruction will occur
Genocide revised
Same pain through diverse eyes

Can't stop the warring factions
Can't stop the warring factions
Can't stop the warring factions

Hostile from the start
Always war always
Ending bitter peace

Not the last third war
Blood spills for evermore
Patriot hard line
Lay siege till the end of time

No longer kill your brother
Just slaughter one another
Watch for the deadly other
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Can't stop the warring factions
Can't stop the warring factions

Global tension starts aggression
Peace breaks out then breeds contempt unrest

Without a reason to fight, a time to kill
Sick lust for skeletal flesh, a taste for all decay
Enter the soldier blind, stalking the faceless hunt
There is no conscience in this world that can be reached for peace

Why face the human question, the need to hate
Dead stare through cynical eyes, a trust in only pain
Murder within the skin, engrave the art of war
Become death's vile parade, march on embrace the violent mind

Can't stop the warring factions
Can't stop the warring factions

Global tension starts aggression
Peace breaks out then breeds contempt unrest

One cryptic reason for life murder
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Lyrics to Bitter Peace
by Slayer

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