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[edit]Song titleRead Between The Lies
[edit]Artist nameSlayer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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[Lyrics: Araya, King; Music: Hanneman]

Evangelist you claim God speaks through you, you
Your restless mouth full ofenter deleted
lies gains popularity. popularity
You care not for the old that suffer, suffer
When empty pockets cry from hunger. hunger

Penniless from their generosity, generosity
Sharing their money to quench your greed. greed
Searching for the answer to their prayers
They cry their last wish of need. need
Save me. me

His spirit lives and breathes in me. me
The almighty transformed to your screen. screen
The meanings lost in its translation, translation
No holy words, describe his deception. deception

You say you'll help us find the lord, lord
Tell me preacher how do you know
A simple quest for a visible savior, savior
To lead us through our final prayer. prayer
Save me. me

Send your donations, donations
Contribute to the cause. cause
Your righteous reward?

Praise the lord, praise god, god
Is what you wish to sell. sell
There is no heaven without a hell.


In your mind's eye could you truly believe, believe
That by giving you can save your soul, soul
Could you be so naive! naive
You heal the sick,[you] raise sick,youraise the dead, dead
You blind the congregation
With the things you say. say

Religious blackmail a deceit of trust, trust
That death will come and all will be lost. lost

Can you hear the serpents call, call
Look deep in those deceiving eyes. eyes
Ignore the writing on the wall, wall
You should read between the lies. lies

When doubt subsides his honesty, honesty
An inquiry, is it blasphemy?
Impure the soul, that's made to suffer, suffer
No sermons left to hide or cover, cover
An empty promise, lie unfulfilled, unfulfilled
To steal a dream or get it killed. killed
They claim your trip to heavens nearby, nearby
You may believe it but satan wouldn't lie. lie
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Lyrics versions321Show words ADDED in version 3 as green
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Slayer - Read Between The Lies Lyrics
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