Lyrics to Bushman's Prayer
by Slim Dusty

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[edit]Song titleBushman's Prayer
[edit]Artist nameSlim Dusty
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I don't go to church, there I don't find what I seek,
Yes I know that the world will revert to the meek,
And sometimes at night on the Borroloola Road,
When I work hard all day and I've carried my load,
I lay in my swag and watch the old Southern Cross,
I realise then, that this world has a boss.

I've been in this world, for so many years,
I've tasted torment, love and some tears,
And I've been so down, I thought I would never get up,
And somehow I did and it wasn't just luck,

Now the Territory's hard on man and machine,
And if you haven't tried it, you won't know what I mean,
Break downs all day and things goin' wrong,
Too much down time; this job's takin' too long;
At dark time a stew and a couple of beers,
The blokes are happy but my worries are almost in tears.
But then comes the quiet, the peace and the still,
And I feel that He's close, and if He wants to talk,
Then I know that I will.

I lay in my swag and I think,
Find more similar lyrics on wonder who made the quiet, the peace and the still?
Who made this land where I impose my will?
Who made the softness of this land by night?
This land so hard and cruel in days searing light,
When the sky of the night, makes so small of my human camp light,
When the Milky Way has it's own way,
And the stars in their millions, on my imagination play.

When the bray of a donkey, carries so far,
When the wail of a dingo, echos back from a distant star,
When the wonder of it all leaves me at a loss,
I realise then, that this world, has a boss.

So when I'm old and grey,
And the Borroloola Road is a long, gone day,
When the race is done and I've had my earthly run,
When my sons are grown and can handle the loss,
I hope that all through my life he's known, that I've known,
That he is the boss, yes he is the boss.

From his album: "'99"
Transcribed: Marten Busstra 2009

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Slim Dusty biography

Slim Dusty is known as the ‘Father of Australian Country Music’ and was born on 13 June 1927 as David Gordon Kirkpatrick at Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia. He grew up on his father’s dairy farm at nearby Nulla Nulla Creek and at the young age of 10 he wrote his first song, ‘The Way the Cowboy Dies’

While still working on the family property, Slim sang during intervals at cinemas, at rodeos and community concerts and even did some busking on the streets.. In fact he sang whenever and wherever he could.

In 1942 he gatecrashed radio station 2KM Kempsey to record at his own expense, his first record, “Song for the Aussies” and “My Final Song.” In 1946 he signed a recording contract with Columbia for their Regal Zonophone label and recorded six titles including his first country classic “When the Rain Tumbles down in July”., which he had written the year before. Then in 1948 he began a part time career.....MORE.....(full Slim Dusty biography)

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Lyrics to Bushman's Prayer
by Slim Dusty

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