Lyrics to Shame Shame
by Sloan

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[edit]Song titleShame Shame
[edit]Artist nameSloan
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Shame, shame
Because you couldn't say your girlfriend's name
For sure
I'll say it next time for sure

She has got the saddest handle that I know
No one even holds a candle, who would blow
Out her flame? I'm overcome with shame

Shame, shame
Because you didn't read all of 'Dames, Dames'
You knew
You knew the damage it would do

She is just the brightest candle that I know
I hope her owner has a handle on her though
But keep your head up, can't accept your hand, no
I would love to, I would love to
But I am overcome with shame
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Shame, shame
Because you didn't say your girlfriend's name
You knew
You knew that problems would ensue

I wrote your name for all to see
I wrote your name for all to see
I wrote your name for all to see

I would love you
I would love you

But I am overcome with shame
I never read all of 'Dames, Dames'
I can't identify the change
But something isn't quite the same
But then I couldn't say your name
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Lyrics to Shame Shame
by Sloan

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