Lyrics to Explore the Obvious
by Sloppy Meateaters

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[edit]Song titleExplore the Obvious
[edit]Artist nameSloppy Meateaters
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Convinced I'm never gonna leave
I beg for mercy, I'm on my knees
I set my goals up to high
I gotta learn how to fall before I learn how to fly

and I know a guy -- he's got a bad attitude
just miserable fuck with nothing to do
but sit around and curse that girl
his job, his mom and even the world

and this other guy he got a brand new car
and he bought some friends with his credit card
are you happy now is everything fine
So your living in paradise but nothing's going right
Find more similar lyrics on think life is wasted
when all we do is chase
for everything we're told we want
lock my door to explore the obvious
(Your life is so predictable - Your
thoughts are so acceptable)

Am I searching for answers that just aren't there
or am I searching for answers when I really don't care
I set my goals up to high
I gotta learn how to fall before I learn how to fly

Almost, to much, yet not enough
I see noone here that I can trust - everybodys going away
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Lyrics to Explore the Obvious
by Sloppy Meateaters

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