Lyrics to Why do I Breathe?
by Sloppy Meateaters

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[edit]Song titleWhy do I Breathe?
[edit]Artist nameSloppy Meateaters
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Can we pretend
that I'm not so dillusional
What's going on I can't control
this feeling that I've never known
It crawls way deep inside of me
I never asked to be me

When you can't understand me
only makes you want to hate me
but i like it when you hate me
cuz it makes me feel like god

what if I make it to my place
what happens when there's
nothing left to chase
another day I wish away,
Another day I ask myself
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I'm incabable of the simple things
that make you laugh and smile
The way I see it you owe me time
cuz i spent so much on you

When you can't understand me
only makes you want to kill me
but i like it when you kill me
cuz it makes me feel like god

And if I sell my soul I'll take you anywhere
You want
All my life, I've been right
you proved me wrong in just one night
Why do I even breathe
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Lyrics to Why do I Breathe?
by Sloppy Meateaters

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